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What we stand for



PRESTREC mission is to provide affordable physiotherapy services in a clean and safe environment to the patients and to make available to patients the most recent technology and treatment methods.


Our vision is to be the best physiotherapy healthcare provider in Cameroon


We have the recent treatment equipment and technology coupled with professional staff thus we have premium facilities and premium services.

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What is Physiotherapy / Kinesitherapy?

Physiotherapy or Kinesitherapy (sometimes abbreviated PT or Physio or Kine) is a health care profession mainly concerned:
1. by treating pain, illness or injury by physical means.

2. by promoting health, preventing physical disabilities, assessing and rehabilitating people with disabilities through pain, illness or injury, and with treatment by physical therapeutic measures, as opposed to medical measures , surgical or radiological.

A physiotherapist seeks to identify and optimize the quality of the potential for life and movement through prevention, intervention (treatment), promotion, adaptation and rehabilitation.

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Autonomous of PT / Collaboration

Physiotherapists work as independent practitioners, as well as members of health services
Teams of providers are subject to the ethical principles of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) and codes of ethics and good practice in the country in which they practice. They are able to act as first contact practitioners. And patients / clients can request direct services without entering another healthcare professional. This encompasses health promotion, prevention, examination, evaluation, intervention / treatment, and outcome evaluation. The actions of individual physical therapists are their own responsibility, and their professional decisions cannot be controlled or compromised by employers, members of other professions, or others.
We also work with most national and international health insurance companies

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